Judo Home Training - Free Online Resource

Want to become fitter or stronger? Looking for training you can do at home? Wish there was one place you can access everything? 

Well here it is free online Judo training has: 

  • Fitness sessions
  • Strength training
  • Agility ladders
  • Judo drills

All of which you can practice at home. Due to the current pandemic, I have rushed to get this course live hence why currently there are limited sessions. But I will be adding new sessions to this course and asking for contributions from other coaches. 

How to use the course: Simple, pick and chose what you want to work on? I will be adding training principles for you to read and give you the ability to add and create your own sessions. 

Feel free to use it, share it, but just remember to work to your level. If there is anything unclear just let me know.


Winning Fundamentals

Get that winning Edge

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to Online Training

  • 2

    Aerobic Training Sessions

    • 4 Week Aerobic (Long and Short Interval Training) Part 1

    • Maximal 4 Week Aerobic (Short Interval Training) Part 2.pdf

    • Judo Circuit - 30 seconds work 15 seconds recovery

    • 4 Week Aerobic Training Program Part 3

  • 3

    Body Weight Training

    • 30 Body weight Judo exercises you can do at home

    • Lower Body Weight Session - Easy

    • Lower Body Weight Session - Timed

    • Lower Body Weight Session - Tricky

    • Upper Body Weight Training - Easy

    • Upper Body Weight Session - Timed

    • Upper Body Weight Training - Tricky

    • Core Body Weight Training Session Easy

    • Core Body Weight Exercise - Timed

    • Core Bodyweight Exercises - Tricky

    • Press Up Challenge

  • 4


    • Agility Ladders for Judo

    • Footwork Drill 1

  • 5

    Judo at Home Tachi Waza

    • De Ashi Barai

    • Ko Uchi Gari

    • O Soto Gari

    • Okuri Ashi Barai

    • Shadow Uchi Komi (Turns)

    • Shadow Uchi Komi into Burpee

    • Shadow Uchi Komi to Squat

    • Stance Squat & Pull

    • Tsubame Gaeshi

    • Tsugi Ashi into Ko Uchi Gari

    • Tsugi Ashi into O Uchi Gari

    • Tsugi Ashi into Pull

    • Tsugi Ashi into Turn

    • Tsugi Ashi

  • 6

    Judo at Home Ne Waza

    • Bridge & Reach

    • Hip Ups

    • Kesa Gatame Sit Through

    • Seated Spin

    • Shrimp to Bridge & Roll

    • Shrimp to Stomach

    • Shrimping Backward

    • Shrimping Forward

    • Shrimping on the Spot

    • Sideways Shuffle

    • Step over Shrimping

    • Hip Circles

  • 7

    Resistance Bands

    • 'Sode' Turn

    • Dynamic High Pulls

    • Hamstring Curls

    • Hip Flexes

    • Hopping Forward & Backward

    • Hopping Square

    • Internal Arm Rotation

    • Kneeling Judo Turns

    • Ko Uchi Gari

    • Lapel Pulls in Stance

    • Lunges

    • Monster Walks

    • O Soto Gari Step

    • O Uchi Gari Step

    • Press Up

    • Punches

    • Seated Judo Pulls

    • Seated Row Pull

    • Seated Row Pull - Feet Up

    • Sleeve Pulls

    • Squat

    • Tricep Extension

    • Turns from Square

    • Turns from Stance

    • Uchi Mata Leg Drive

  • 8


    • The Press Up Challenge

    • 100 in 10 Challenge

  • 9


    • Weekly Training Planner - Add your sessions

    • Judo Session Template - add your exercises


5 star rating

Great videos

Joe Fox

Great for testing my daughter's judo memory

Great for testing my daughter's judo memory

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5 star rating

Exactly what is needed,!!!

barry L

Brilliant course, great way to stay active and mobile through this tough time. Amazing that Vince & Samantha have taken the time to put this together to ...

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Brilliant course, great way to stay active and mobile through this tough time. Amazing that Vince & Samantha have taken the time to put this together to give back to the judo & community in general. Thank you

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